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High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine 9000LPH

High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine 9000LPH
  • High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine 9000LPH
  • High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine 9000LPH

REXON ZYD-150 can purify your transformer oil high efficiently, maintain your transformer oil always in good status.

  • Product No.: ZYD-150(9000LPH)


ApplicationZYD-150 transformer oil filtration machine is used to dehydrate and degas transformer oil, insulating oil, dielectric fluids. It is a vacuum oil filtration and purification plant for transformer oil reclaiming and regenerating. This plant is mainly used for power plant, power transmission and all power field to do on-site filtration work for transformer oil, insulating oil, dielectric oil, mutual oil, switch oil, and so on. The machine is especially for purifying the insulating oil in all kinds of large power equipment that are above 110KV, especially for the altitude is over 500-1000 meters.This oil dehydration plant is very suitable for the large electric&insulation equipment and oil maintenance.

This transformer oil purification equipment is specially used for dehydration and degassing oil purification for the old and new transformer oil. Our transformer oil filter can make the KV value of transformer oil reach more than 85KV, and the moisture content is less than 3PPM. It is an excellent online transformer oil treatment machine, which is suitable for all power plants and substations as maintaining equipment. In addition to maintaining the transformer oil and let the transformer oil is always up to standard for running. This machine also has the function of vacuuming the transformer. When he vacuumizes the transformer, its vacuum value can reach 05~1Pa. When the machine is used for oil purification, the vacuum degree can reach 1Pa too. 

AdvantagesThe transformer oil filter plant developed by Rexon company is an intelligent fully automatic operation equipment with SIEMENS PLC. Different from the equipment equipped with PLC control system provided by other suppliers, our PLC screen is not only to show the machine flow chart, but also to show the operation status of the main parts of the machine, and truly realize the full-automatic operation of the machine. And users can set the PLC of our machine to get various functions of the machine, For example, vacuum the transformer alone, oilling the transformer separately, set the automatic shutdown time for the machine, Let the machine shut down automatically after the moisture value of transformer oil reaches the value desired by the customer, etc.In addition, this machine is also equipped with a Pirani electronic vacuum gauge, through which users can read out an accurate vacuum degree for both the machine and the transformer too when it is working under transformer evacuating function.

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