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Turbine Type Oil Flow Meters

Turbine Type Oil Flow Meters
  • Turbine Type Oil Flow Meters
  • Turbine Type Oil Flow Meters
  • Turbine Type Oil Flow Meters
  • Turbine Type Oil Flow Meters

LWY intelligent turbine flow-meter (hereinafter referred to as flow-meter) is an on-site intelligent display instrument composed of sensors and intelligent display units designed and developed using advanced low-power micro-controller technology.

  • Product No.: LWY-4C



LWY series turbine flow meters assimilate the advanced technology of flow meters from home and abroad with optimum design. They have some advantage such as simple, light, high accuracy, perfect reproducibility, and reaction sensitivity and so on. They can be sued with liquid that cant have reaction with stainless steel, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 2Cr13, Al2O3, cemented carbide, and the liquid kinematical viscosity under 5x10-6m2/s.If the kinematical viscosity is over 5x10-6m2/s,they can be used after demarcate. They even are used with quantification control, overload alarm when then work with special meter. So they are the optimum meters for measure and energy saving.


LWY-4C intelligent turbine flow meters adopt the newest modern technology flow sensor that has low power consumption Single Chip Microcomputer, and have double LED display. They have some advantages such as structure compact, reading correctly, high reliability, and anti-disturbance, anti-lightning-stroke and low price and so on. The high definition can display both instantaneous flow (4 bits significant figures) and accumulate flow (8 bits significant figures can reset). The information cant be dropped after be power-down. This type flow meters are explosion protection, the explosion-proof is: ExdIIBT6

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