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Rexon Vacuum Oil Dehydration Plant Working Principle

Vacuum Oil Dehydration is to remove water content in oil completely. Dissolved water in oil will be removed out under two conditions, one is the oil temperature gets above 50~60, the other one is under high vacuum pressure. If so, the dissolved water, moisture will be pushed out from oil. Its like the test that when you boil water in normal atmosphere, you need to heat the water to be 100℃, but when you boil water on some high mountain, which has very high altitude, you only need to heat the water to be 80 then you can have boiled water. Same thing to the water in oil, we will make super high vacuum condition first, and then you only need to heat the water with oil to be 50~60℃, the water will become vapour and removed out from oil.

Rexon Vacuum Oil Dehydration Plant not only uses this vacuum dehydration technology, but also developed many protection way above this, like auto de-foaming, oil high level and low level detecting, high vacuum pressure and low vacuum pressure detecting etc. to make sure the oil dehydration processing goes fluently.

After Rexon vacuum oil dehydration processing, oil will have moisture content data below 80PPM, 50PPM, 5PPM, 3PPM, 2PPM etc. depends on oil kind.

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