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REXON 3000Liters/Hour Transformer Oil Purification Machine Shipped to Mexico
We have just shipped a ZYD-50 transformer oil purification machine and a JLH-50 oiling machine to a Mexican customer.... View More>>
How many liters transformer oil can be regenerated by our silica gel regeneration system?
How many liters transformer oil can be regenerated by our silica gel regeneration system? The answer is it will depend on acid content of the oil. And we have below method to check if we need to replace the silica gel regenerating material. ... View More>>
Shipped to overseas customers this week
This week, REXON completed the delivery to overseas customers. Oil Purifier Machine goods are well-safe and well-packed at the factory, first with a plastic film seal and then with a wooden case. The goods are transported to the port, and then loaded, rei... View More>>
REXON Cooperation agreement with Russia agent officially signed
Our company officially signed a cooperation agreement with the Russian agent, and the strategic deployment of the cooperation was officially completed.... View More>>
Malaysia customer visit for our transformer oil filtration machine 12000LPH
Customers are very happy and satisfied with our machine’s quality, and auto control technology, and multi-function, like besides oil filtration, our system can also do high efficiency transformer vacuuming.... View More>>
REXON Fuller Earth Regeneration Filter Used for Transformer Oil Regeneration
REXON Transformer oil regeneration system takes fuller earth clay regeneration system to equip with the high vacuum transformer oil filtration and oil purification system, besides the silica gel regeneration type.... View More>>
Rexon Vacuum Oil Dehydration Plant Working Principle
Vacuum Oil Dehydration is to remove water content in oil completely. Dissolved water in oil will be removed out under two conditions, one is the oil temperature gets above 50~60℃, the other one is under high vacuum pressure.... View More>>
Rexon vacuum lube hydraulic oil purifier TYA-30(1800LPH) onsite use
Rexon vacuum lube hydraulic oil purifier TYA-30(1800LPH) onsite use, and customer is very satisfied and happy with our oil purification equipment.... View More>>
How a vacuum lube oil purifier works?
So a vacuum oil purifier is aimed to solve the oil problems, and make oil pure cleaning again to be standard and good quality, and keep oil being always standard cleaning and qualified for use.... View More>>
Rexon Newest Vacuum Pumping Set for fastest transformer vacuum evacuating
The synchronous starting technology for our vacuum pumping set takes the idea that to achieve the “same time start” for both pumps to save time, and have the highest efficiency system to vacuuming big transformers in very short time.... View More>>
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