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Rexon Newest Vacuum Pumping Set for fastest transformer vacuum evacuating

With our technical researching development, now we developed a newest type vacuum pumping set, which takes the synchronous starting technology for the system. Which means the vacuum pump and the roots vacuum pump/booster will start work at the same time, with no time delay to wait for a required and basic vacuum condition like -0.085MPA which should be produced by vacuum pump. It is the old fashion way for most vacuum pumping set/machines from market, that the roots pump will only start work when the vacuum pressure of the whole system reached -0.085MPA, which will waste time to wait for the vacuum pump to finish this work, maybe hours waiting.

The synchronous starting technology for our vacuum pumping set takes the idea that to achieve the “same time start” for both pumps to save time, and have the highest efficiency system to vacuuming big transformers in very short time. With this technology, the roots pump can start work at the same time with rotary vacuum pump. So it saves time high efficiently. And besides this, the newest vacuum pumping system will equip with an independent cooling system with water tank/oil tank to cool the roots pump high efficiently for the synchronous work, it solved the high temperature problem for roots pump in this working way.

And worth to mention, that our vacuum pumping set takes the pirani digital vacuum gauge, which can detect the actual vacuum degree for not only the vacuum pumping system, but also the transformer too. So it will be very clear for user, which vacuum degree now the transformer has, and when you can stop the vacuuming job for the transformers.

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