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Rexon Series TY vacuum Turbine oil purifier

Rexon Series TY vacuum Turbine oil purifier is used for purifying the unqualified turbine oil, especially the seriously emulsified turbine oil. It is widely applied to turbine, gas turbine and hydraulic turbine online oil treatment in the power, chemical, papermaking and metallurgic industries. Rexon TY turbine oil purifier can rapidly and effectively remove the water, gas and impurities aiming at turbine oil’s nature of high water content, easily emulsified and high impurity content, make the oil reach new oil standard, reusable as new oil.

Rexon TY turbine oil purifier machine breaks emulsification thoroughly, and the oil is very difficult to be emulsified again after treatment. Its dehydration volume is large and it can drain off the water on line. Rexon TY series, which can prevent lubrication system from damage, can effectively extend the lifetime of oil and protect turbine and other machines.

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