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BV inspection for spare parts in factory before delivery

Rexon oil purification always offer you guaranteed oil purifier and spare parts. As the photo, we just make the BV inspection in our factory for an Africa customer for the spare parts order. And every item is checked and confirmed to be standard and qualified, and all items are in good order and condition as certified for shipment.

Rexon Oil Purifier Models | Used Oil Solutions:

► High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration System

► Vacuum Lube Oil and Hydraulic Oil Purification Machine

► Vacuum Turbine Oil Filtering and Dehydration System

► Transformer Vacuum Evacuating System

► Used Cooking Oil Processing Plant for Bio-diesel

► General Industrial Oil Purifier, Oil Filling Unit

► Centrifuge Separation Type Oil Cleaning Machine

► Explosion Proof Type Oil Purifier Machine

► Oil BDV Tester, Acidity, Moisture Testers Etc

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