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Technical Support

What should you know before buying an oil purification machine?

What kind of used oil you want to purify? Where did you get the oil?

What's the main problem of your used oil? And what do you want to do with the final treated oil after filtration? Do you want to remove the particulates matters, moisture, gas content and all contaminants from your used oil to make it clean and standard for reuse?You need to state your oil situation simply, and tell us your purpose.

What is your total oil quantity for the purification process? What’s your required oil treatment capacity? How many liters oil per hour or per day you plan to purify?

What’s your Industrial Power Supply (Volts, Hz, Phase)?

What's your destination sea port or air port? (for shipping cost calculation for you)

Do you have any special requirement for the machine? Like required a fully enclosed type/weather proof housing? or an enclosed type mounted on a mobile trailer(4 wheels/2 wheels)?

Then we will send you correct and detailed specification & catalog and quotation accordingly to solve your oil problems.


How to maintain an oil purification machine?

After a certain period of running, the machine should be checked to see whether:

*The electrical control system is safe and reliable;

*The temperature controller is sensitive, reliable and accurate;

*Oil seals of the pump shaft are broken with leakage;

*There is any blockage with the running system and any abnormal noise with pumps or related motors;

*There is any air or oil leakage with the oil running system and at sealing joints.

After each 3000 hours’ running, grease shall be replenished to prevent motors from being burnt.

Special vacuum pump oil or lubricating oil N46 should be used for the vacuum pump and oil replaced or replenished if necessary at any time.

If the machine will not be used over 1 month, Place the machine in a dry environment with the panel door and all valves closed, and the machine proper protected by a covering.

For more information, please check in FAQ.